A Frank Remembrance

 John 444 sends in this email:

Hi JP and Justin,

After Anna's post in the "Odds 'n' Ends" thread, I visited Amazon.com and looked up Frank Damazio to see what kind of books he's written. When I saw Frank's book "The Gate Church", I remembered hearing him preach about "gate churches" at the Shiloh Equipping the Prophetic Conference in Kansas City at Metro Christian Fellowship Church in November 1999. My wife Karen attended with me and remembers Frank as well.

Frank's message wasn't consistent with the overall theme of the conference, which was for teaching about the gift of prophecy, and so I forgot about Frank and his message, although if memory serves, there was a 'prosperity/blessings' flavor to it. The basis of his message as I recall, was relating Jacob's ladder to churches, and how us and the angels would ascend / descend the ladder to heaven, carrying blessing of one form or another. I attended a few conferences at MCF in KC between 1999 and 2002, and only recall seeing Frank the once. Can't say I was looking for him, but given my initial impression that Frank wasn't on the same page as the other speakers (Mike Bickle, Paul Cain, Kingsley Fletcher, Rick Joyner, Graham Cooke, etc.), I assume Frank wasn't asked back.

Though Frank's message was forgettable, there is one lasting memory I have of my encounter with him in KC, and that is how Frank spent several minutes telling the audience about the 4 (I believe) intercessors he takes with him when he travels. He pointed them out in the front row at the conference, and said during the entire trip, their job was to pray for him, even while he was preaching. I'm sure it was intended to impress us, but it bugged me in that it seemed 'self important' and puffed up. Why announce that? It seemed extravagant. I can understand traveling with someone to keep company, his wife or a close male colleague, but 4 intercessors? Couldn't they intercede for Frank from Portland while he was in KC?

I'm left wondering if taking intercessors with him is a junket kind of thing as a reward for faithful butt-kissing?


 The only problem I have with this story is the timeframe. I'm fairly certain that in November of 1999 Frank was busy preaching the Faith Harvest message to me and my friends at City Bible Church. Oh well, could have been a guest speaker that week.

10 thoughts on “A Frank Remembrance

  1. The conference was Thursday or Friday thru Saturday, and Frank was ‘first up’. Plenty of time to fly back to Portland to preach the harvest message. ;)

    But that begs the question – does Frank ever leave a taped message for you guys when he’s out of town? Why not put those jumbotrons to good use? The congregations in the satellite campuses would never know the difference.

  2. Yes, PF does call those who pray for him “MY intercessors.” He also calls the elders on staff “MY elders.” To this day, he uses HIS intercessors to ask God for things he wants. A lot of HIS elders have followed suit and do the same thing. I had thought that was a catholic tradition to go through another, but maybe CBC is more ecumenical than I realized.

    It’s a funny thing, but when you begin to tell these people that you will pray and see what GOD wants first, they are not quite sure how to take it. I think it might be because you and your prayers are no longer under their control. :(

  3. Excellent point Anna. You see that attitude all to often, especially in today’s prosperity driven marketplace we Americans call church.

    People just aren’t willing to give God control.

  4. Even when people aren’t told/asked what to pray for someone, it’s been my experience people more often than not resort to the religious / witchcraft prayers they’ve learned in religious churches. Can’t tell you the number of times someone has prayed over me and invoked the “double blessing”. I think some people who claim to be ‘prophetic’ prayers, are in fact just cold readers. They see Karen and me, in love, and pick up on the fact that we’re childless, and so they pray/prophesy children for us. I gotta say, at 50+, and having laid the child issue at the foot of the cross ten thousand times, that kind of witchcraft prayer and prophe-wishing hurts a lot, in as much as it is a reminder of what we do not have togeher, and never will.

    Perhaps I’ve grown callous concerning the prayers of others, but I’ve gotten to where I’ll stop someone mid-prayer if I disagree with what they’re praying. Talk about shocked and offended! But you know, if like Anna says, the Holy Spirit is leading the prayer, where we are all unified in the Holy Spirit, there is no disagreement, and no carnal prayers either.


  5. No you are hitting on a point I have been seeing myself –it somehow crosses a line into very bad territory. Its amazing what a fine line there can be when we start invoking demanding ect.

    Sure it all goes back once again to not truly understanding what the bible
    meant in some passages. There is no other word for some things we saw go
    on than wierdness .

  6. At the conference was Graham Cooke. Heard him at Easthill where I attend. The message he brought was so pivitol in me. I truly realized and now believe, My Heavenly Father is the most kindest person I have ever met in my life, He is funny and loves me just as I am. He is alwaysspeaking to me in so many ways beside reading a bible or hearing his voice. I’ve heard this before but the way Graham present this, it finally sunk in!

  7. LoveMyLab said:

    At the conference was Graham Cooke. Heard him at Easthill where I attend. The message he brought was so pivitol in me.

    It was a taped message of Graham’s that helped me – I believe it was about ‘hiddenness and manifestation’ … went a long way toward explaining why when people are falling left and right during worship under the power of the Spirit, I just stood there unaffected by any of it. Or perhaps the Father just recognizes my size and that I’d likely have given the ‘spotters’ an hernia trying to catch me. BTW, are they called “catchers” or “spotters” or what? ;)

  8. are they called “catchers” or “spotters” or what?

    I seem to remember the word catchers. I never envied their job. The bigger the person the bigger the catcher’s eyes would get while waiting for the ‘fall’. If the catcher was a strapping man capable of a catch of any size that was one thing, but some of those usher guys, well, they had big hearts… but some of the ladies falling almost catapulted the little guys into the back row. those were the days. it was worth it just to see that!

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