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John 444's email reminded me of a story:

Every Sunday @ CBC, right in the middle of worship*, one elder would walk through the crowd and pick out 4 or 5 members to go and pray for Pastor Frank Who would be sitting in the front row… did I mention this was right in the middle of worship… It was always funny to watch how excited people would get when the elder would walk their direction. They really believed it was a huge honor to be able to pray for Hank in front of the entire church, while we were busy trying to worship.

One guy in particular had this slow and pious(?) walk towards Frank. He was very methodical with each prayerful step, savoring every little moment of glory, as if to say, "Look how important I am". Quite pathetic really.

The worst example I can remember is one Sunday there was a young man attending whom I had never seen before. He was bald, tattooed, and covered with piercings and appeared to really love Jesus. I watched him during worship as he danced, raised his hands, and sang his heart out to God.

As the pastors gathered the "Prideful Pray-ers" to minister to Frank (during worship), this young man got excited and marched right down the center isle and laid his hands on Frank and began praying. Instantly one of PF's cronies grabbed the young man and marched him to the back of the church for a lecture.

I don't know what happened at that point, but he did not return to the service and I never saw him there again.

Gee, I wonder where CBC's focus is???

*During the offering time, however, we were told to stay seated because they didn't want anyone to get distracted (this is prior to the "bring your tithes forward so we can use peer pressure to influence your giving" time).

You know how it goes, CBC starts passing the buckets, some young college girl gets a chance to sing a "special", the spirit starts to move, everyone stands to their feet with their hands raised and worships God… that was unacceptable to City Bible Church, but gathering a crowd front and center to "minister" to Frank Damazio was just fine.

Gee, I wonder where CBC's focus is???

Go ahead and say it "Johnpaul, you're just bitter because they never picked you to pray for Frank". Damn. And I spent so much time trying to sit close enough.

22 thoughts on “Pick ME, Pick ME

  1. That’s so bizarre, yet I can totally see it. My MFI pastors often had an entourage with them when they finally showed up for service. Often they were 1/2-hour to an hour and 1/2 late to service. They would usually come in during worship with family, extended family, and other people.

    There were times when we had testimony time etc. to stall until they got there.

    The big thing in our church was being a personal usher to a guest ministry.
    Every guest minister was assigned someone who got to bring them water, sit behind them (never beside them) and attend to their every need. The guest usher’s main purpose was to escort them out after the service so they didn’t have to talk to the “little people” for too long. Only the most favored folks got to be personal ushers.

    It all seems so silly now.


  2. KM, unfortunately, or maybe i should say, fortunately, our former church does have lurkers. They feel this sort of thing isn’t going to do anyone any good. God forbid that it could do US some good. I wish they’d quit lurking and say something! (but they’ve most likely witnessed how we all seem to eat the kind of comments they’d write for lunch!:)) (plus, they know what we are saying is true because they live what we used to live before our emancipation–and if they are not living it yet, they will.)

  3. I thought you were bitter because they never picked you to be some young college girl to sing a special.

    No they didn’t, but I got to live the dream vicariously through my cousin who did get picked.

  4. Heard a rumor yesterday that CBC just laid off a bunch of people who’s vision didn’t line up with theirs. Anybody know anything?

  5. Someone told me that they laid off a couple of district pastors but that’s all I know. I think the Femrites might have been let go, but maybe it was someone else.

  6. I can find no sign of CBC anywhere

    Wow. That’s what an ex-capital christian ctr person said when she started attending another church in the area. That outside their realm, no one really heard much of what capital was doing, like it wasn’t even on the radar. But when you are going there it’s like the only church on the planet.

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