I recently found this website PimpPreacher.com that touts itself as a "free website site that will allow church members to report a Pastor or Preacher that is ripping off the church, and hustling the members."  They have a "Report A Pastor" section and "Preacher Alerts" where readers can see who some of the frauds are.  They also provide a number of articles and YouTube clips on the topic such as this one "Bishop Eddie Long, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, T D Jakes Enjoy Lavish Lifestyles Financed With Tithes And Offerings".

I find it interesting the more and more people are using technology to fight back against these modern day hustlers who are using faith as a means to get rich.  Maybe someday we will see the pastors of CBC, TCC and CCC up on the site?

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  1. I like it. When I get a free afternoon, I’ll definitely “report” both Frank and Judah. And I so want to be there when Pimp Preacher contacts Frank and Judah about their inclusion on the list of pimp pastors.

  2. That was great! How many times have we had that same conversation in these comments? Uh, too many.

    I’m glad he’s willing to start up the fight. And, honestly, he seems more sincere than me. A lot of my motivation comes from my desire to just screw with City Bible. But he seems genuinely angered by the Prosperity Gospel and the pastors that use it to get rich.

    Of course, when I started this blog I had never heard of the prosperity gospel, so I didn’t really know what I was railing against. But I wish him the best of luck. If his cite actually becomes popular and he draws attention to these pastors, then he is going to be attacked severely by parishoners of those churches.

  3. Good find Reformer! I was just posting (ranting again) on the blatant nepotism practices of TCC and CCC while they enjoy tax exempt status. Just noticed this on Pimp Preachers:

    “If a Pastor buys a private Jet then that Jet becomes his personal Jet. If you would like to test this fact then ask a member of one of these Mega Churches if they can request that jet in order to fly to a job interview, it’s not going to happen.
    With the use of Scriptures and the 501C3 many pastors have built a revenue source that most major corporations would be very envious of.”

    The Church Folk Revolution says that they would like to see Congress remove the tax free status from Pastors salaries and create a grant with the funds collected. They would also like to see the revenue generated from the tax on Preacher Salaries used to rehab foreclosed mortgages held by Fannie Mae.”

    hmmmm – maybe we will see some changes in our livetime after all!
    “The Church Folk Revolution is also on the lookout for Pastors of smaller congregations who desire to live like a Mega Church Pastor but have yet to acquire the necessary members.”

  4. Favorite quote:
    And finally, we’re tired of the juice girl, the guy who wipes the pastor’s sweat, the adjutant who carries his bible to the pulpit, and that lady in the church that faints every time the preacher lays hands on her.

  5. Hi Guys I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words. We got a little emotional reading your comments, you have inspired us to continue our mission. If any of you guys have content that we can use or if you would like me to post one of your articles please send it over. I carry the full load with the writing therefore we can use the help. Once again thank you for the love, every day I get at least 40 clicks from this one site. If you need us to support you in anyway just let me know.

    Thank you


  6. Hey TJ, thanks for stopping by. Yeah this blog gets a lot of traffic some months and then other months nothing. It’s more of an open forum that lets people vent about all their frustrations from attendance mainly at two churches in the Pacific Northwest, City Bible Church (CBC) in Portland Oregon and The City Church (TCC) in Kirkland Washington. But there is some talk of their sister churches as well that are up and down the west coast affiliated with them under the Ministers Fellowship International (MFI) banner. I will definitely keep tabs on your site. Keep up the good work. The prosperity gospel is one of the biggest lies ever told from church pulpits.


  7. We are grateful to say that we hooked up with the Churchfolk Revolution and pimpreacher.com some months ago. After listening to several of the blogtalkradio interviews with their host T J we realized that our mission was very compatable and introduced him to myself and my partner. I am an ordained minister and have been a part of the ministry for over 20 years and for my eyes to have seen and ears to have heard some of the things that go on “in-house” behind the scenes of the pastor s study is something to behold. I was so humbled and disgusted that I put it in a book entitled “Zombies In The Church.” It is in story form but so many of the stories I have either experienced or heard from others. Please check it out and test yourself to see if you too are a “zombie inside the church”.

  8. I found this world changers (no pun intended) organization while disgustingly searching the web for scriptures witnessing church membership. I found quite a few that used scripture to back up church membership however I’m seeking the Father on that still. Anywho, I came across “The church Revolution” and of the course the first few lines began to serenade to my spirit!!!!! The title “FIRST LADY” in the House of God…Why???.How refreshing…my husband and I have been toiling with this among other falsies in da church. Finally the roof top proclaimers! God gave me and my hubby a divine message/prophecy in regards to His church two years ago and it was life changing and we have been deprogrammed by Christ himself from the traditions of men. This thing is “DEEP”and a GREAT task make no mistakes. We have been chosen to rate down traditions and come against leaders/followers from the greatest to the smallest. Yes, our God is a God of love, mercy &peace and power. He loves us sooo much that he will not have us ignorant brethren. He will not have us be as mere men.
    We aren’t rebbles we are the little flock that God talks about! The world (inside and outside of the church) HATES!

    Stay strengthened brethren.

    Cherita McNeill Denning

  9. My husband and I are ministers of the gospel as well and are delivered “Zombies”. It was not easy because I saw it before my hubby so I had to keep it to myself because he was so thrilled to be teaching the gospel while I was suffering what seemed to have been a life sentence at the time with no chance of parole, probation or house arrest! I could not shake the Holy Spirits tugging at my heart and every other part of me. Lo and behold I finally broke my silence and shared my inner thoughts with a woman at my church at the time and of course you know that Our Father does nothing coincidentally…NEVER! it’s always timing. She was an elder and shared the SAME feelings for eight looong years. I was shocked because old school can often times be deeply rooted in “this is how we do it”, but this gem, whose now our god-mommy, was not that person at all. Needless to say we no longer attend that church and are now living the abundant FREE life for real this time.


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