City Bible sells 217 Campus

Not really sure what this means, but City Bible sold their 217 campus to Westside Christian High.

I assume City Bible is still going to meet at the building, they just won't own it. Whch I'm sure will cut down on their expenses. Not a bad move. But I can't help but think that maybe if they had just tithed more, they wouldn't have to sell. The prosperity gospel being sound economic policy and all.

That doesn’t look like candy you just put in my bag.

Reader Just Thinking brought this Halloween news article to my attention. An Evangelical group is challenging Christians to pass out mini-Bibles instead of candy at Halloween this year.

JesusWeen founder Pastor Paul Ade began replacing sugar with scripture in 2002. "All it took was putting a bible into every bag as they opened each bag with a smile," declares the JesusWeen website, adding that it was "much easier than expected" to trick kids into thinking the Bible was a treat.

How stupid do they think children are? Trust me, kids know when they are getting candy and when they are getting a book. This sounds like an excellent opportunity for you to get your house egged. If I was a kid trick or treating and I got a book, I'd be like, "Um yeah, you want to try that again."

Also, how would Christians feel if a Mormon family was passing out the Book of Mormon instead of candy. You think they would appreciate the religious fervor? 

If you really want to share the Love of Christ with children, it seems to me it would be better to just pass out regular size candy bars, instead of mini bars. You do that and, trust me, every kid on the block will remember you and your message.


Pro Tip: Don’t have Sex with a Sun Goddess

A reader recommended I listen to a conversation on Fresh Air with C. Peter Wagner where he discusses the New Apostolic Reformation. I didn't actually listen to the whole interview, but NPR has a thorough round up of the interview. Also, Detox mentions the conversation in one of her comments.

Wagner's chief claim is that the Tsunami in Japan was the result of a Japanese emporer having sex with a Sun Goddess several years ago.

Yep, you read that correct. The Japanese Tsunami was a result of sex with a Sun Goddess. 

I honestly couldn't take anymore after hearing that.