Have You Been Injured in a Church Accident?

Bob Schilling has a request:

Iā€™m looking specifially for news items about people who have sincerely trusted God for healing and declined medical help and suffered or died as a result ā€“ would you have any links or direction for to look into those kinds of stories?

If any of you have such a story or news item, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Have You Been Injured in a Church Accident?

  1. I have two stories. But both are either very dear to my heart or still too fresh in memory to tell here – one died (and could have lived) & one almost died (and lived). Contact Catalyst directly if you’d like to ask me (NSQ) about them – I give permission to be contacted if I know who will be contacting me first.

  2. NSQ, please don’t feel any pressure to share these stories in public, if you don’t want to.

    Perhaps Bob can provide an email address where he can be reached directly.

    • I really appreciate your response. But I’d like to get the word out somehow, though anonymously. Too many people here know who I am. :) I think this is a great blog entry though. Keep it up!

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